Improve Your TMF Quality

Clinical trials have been extremely diverse, particularly when it comes to TMF. Sharing knowledge and use cases on how organizations are continuing to address these changes with updated SOPs, safety-vigilance systems, remote inspections, and more through the digitization of the TMF is more important than ever, particularly with new guidelines because of COVID-19.

The Fierce European TMF Summit will continue to provide strategies, tools, and methodologies to address your TMF challenges, with a heavy focus on how to manage, process, and develop your TMF.  

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Learn strategies for maintaining a compliant TMF according to inspection trends and changing global regulations 
  • Institute QCs and responsive governance in accordance with inspection trends  
  • Comply with oversight and monitoring requirements of ICH E6(R3) using risk-based approaches and methods 
  • Maintain transparency while transitioning into the new EU-CTR process  
  • Ally with other clinical functions to implement, migrate, acquire, and remediate systems with optimal interoperability  

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