Through research with industry professionals on current trends, areas of interest and common challenges, we are shaping the agenda for the European TMF Summit to ensure the topics selected for sessions reflect the industry’s needs and wants.

If you’d like to be involved in this process and help shape the 2020 agenda and/or participate as a speaker, panelist or roundtable moderator, please contact us here.



  • Optimising eTMF workflow through interoperable technologies with the way documents are created, collected, managed, and reported on
  • Using disruptive technologies to improve efficiency, Quality, and metrics reporting
  • Garnering new perspectives and insights from sites and CROs to improve Quality and compliance
  • Instituting Quality Controls to meet oversight and monitoring requirements of ICH E6(R2) using a risk-based approach
  • Implement, migrate, acquire, and remediate eTMF systems in concert with other functional areas